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    Wards Investigations is Sonoma County's #1 Private Investigation and Process Server Firm. Our team of private investigators and process servers have experience, knowledge, and the skills best suited for your unique situation. Our agency has the capacity to take on a multitude of diverse cases. Start now by taking advantage of our UNIQUE CONSULTATION, Our firm offers a 1 hour FREE discreet consultation to discuss your case with our chief investigator. Consultations can be over the phone or schedule a meeting with our team in person. Call now! (707) 636-4579

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    Private Investigators Sonoma County
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    Services also include...

    Investigations/surveillance such as:
    - Fraud & Workers compensation
    - Infidelity
    - Child custody
    - Background and liability/injury claims

    Our Expertise
  • Expertise in...

    - Background in civil and criminal matters
    - Personal protection
    - Management
    - Process serving

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    Private Investigators in Santa Rosa - Sonoma County

Wards Investigations is a fully Insured and Licensed Agency! CA PI LIC 188547

California License # 188547. As a client of Wards Investigations, you will receive private access to our Exclusive online Client Portal to view how your case is progressing. It will provide you with access to upload/download and view evidential video, pictures and documents. Here your able monitor the status of your case through our fully encrypted and secured website.

Wards Investigations & Process Servers

 "When in doubt find out!"

Ward's Investigations, is a fully licensed and insured Private Investigation Agency located in Missouri and California. We have a network of investigators who cover cases NATIONWIDE. Our network of investigators are part of CALI Association, Legal Secretary Association, Women in Law, Chamber of Commerce and so much more. We strive to deliver results above and beyond our customers' expectations. We understand that every case is a unique case and consider confidentiality of the utmost importance; therefore We work individually and tailor each investigation to fit the individual needs of our clients. We understand how difficult hiring a private investigator can be. We are here to take the pressure off of you, delivering accurate, detail oriented information to all of our clients. We take pride ensuring confidentiality, and discreet ethical practices. All of our findings will be presented to you in a report format that is suitable for court. Wards Investigations, Inc. also specializes in insurance investigations and process serving. Our licensed servers are currently employed by the two largest law firms in the Santa Rosa.

Would you like to see a demonstration of our work product? Refer to our Media page. We have sample surveillance videos for clients to take a look at to see the quality of our work first hand. 

Our firm offers a 1 hour FREE consultation to discuss your needs. Speak to one of our investigator's now over the phone or meet with our team in person. Call us now! (707-636-4579).


      New Generation of Investigations

      When you need Brains not Brawn: We are refining the investigation business with a sophisticated approach. The physical appearance of our investigators gives us a distinct advantage over other investigation companies, along with our technology which is all up to date.
    • Ethical Standards

      We present fact specific content in our legal reports that are in a format suitable for court. We are efficient and follow through on all aspects of every case assigned. We remain as an unbias party serving you and your needs. Confidentiality is upheld.

      Unique Consultation

      Our firm offers a 1 hour free consultation to discuss your case. We can talk over the phone or meet with you in person. 



The Wards Difference

Wards Investigations, specializes in a wide array of services including insurance investigations and process serving. We have a reputation for serving evasive subjects as well as high profile celebrities. We are very creative in our assignments. Our highly trained field experts will undertake all manners of investigations, particularly, in the criminal, civil and commercial fields.

    • Investigations Santa Rosa Location

      Our offices are located all over the Bay Area, specifically Santa Rosa. We take all cases that are local, national, and international. 

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    Investigative Services
Private Investigations Santa Rosa

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing excellent service to the firms that we represent. We work directly with our clients and offer many services which include but are not limited to: process serving, child custody cases, AOE/COE investigations, court filings, interviews, background checks, obtaining testimonies, investigative research, surveillance and paralegal work. We work one on one with our clients. Wards Investigations understand the complexities of the legal system and will ensure that clients have ample time to focus on the important details of the case(s) at hand while we handle the rest. Wards Investigations is currently employed by the two largest law firms in the Santa Rosa, California area. This agency is located in Santa Rosa, CA but we do work all over the United States.

Our private investigators offer:


  • Free consultation with an industry expert
  • Documents suitable for court, including reports, audio, video, and photos
  • 100% confidentiality and discreet communication
  • A variety of detectives, including males and females, with specific skill sets
  • An all-inclusive package with no hidden fees
  • An investigation tailored to your needs


Process Server's Fee's


Investigation Fees are discussed in person or over the phone. 


contact us at info@wardsinvestigations.com




Robert Revel - Owner of Divorce Clinic

Private Investigations for Santa Rosa
You can trust and rely on Wards Investigations, to deliver when you need it to count. That reliability means a lot to me as a business owner who strives to take care of my clients. When I refer out, I need colleagues who provide professional services that I can trust and rely on. I count Wards Investigations as one of those trusted colleagues I know will take care of any client I refer over to them. I recommend them highly!



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