Wards Investigations, Inc. - Process Servers

Santa Rosa Process Servers

Service Fee
Basic service of process within Metro areas $45.00 - $55.00
Routine service of process outside Metro Areas:(Travel Time not Included) $115.00 - $260.00
Special Handling and care $135.00
Additional documents served same time/place on first attempt $37.50
Rush Fee (Request for attempt in 24 Hours) $35.00
Stakeout / Travel time $85.00 hr.
Three attempts are included. Extra Attempts $25.00
Wrong Address:for each incorrect address given to a server $25.00
Copies - First 20 pages are free, each page after that $0.25
COURT RUNNER - 12:00 PM deadline (Sonoma County)Estimated same day completion $55.00

***Travel time is billed for any service that requires at least an hour of travel time outside of Santa Rosa***

***Outside of Sonoma County a Mileage fee is applied***

***Please call (530) 258-6416 for our Investigation Fees***

You have the option of mail, fax or pick up of the documents that you request to be served. We require a professional instruction cover sheet with some of the following information: Name of Serve, Case Title, Your Firm or name, The Documents to be served, Last date to serve the documents, and anything else that you may feel is important.

If you are requesting service of a difficult subject: We require all of the above stated along with a description of the subject, make & model of their car, License, and any other information that can help us locate the subject.

If surveillance is requested: We require an email or voice authorization of how many hours you request our servers to wait out a subject.

If location help is required:





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