Wards Investigations is located in California and Missouri State. Home offices are located in Grandview, Missouri and Kansas City as well as Santa Rosa, California. As we continue to expand, we look forward to developing  long lasting business relationships with lawyers, insurance companies and the public. 


Why choose us?

Wards Investigations is a full-service, licensed private investigation firm that has been conducting professional investigations, surveillance and process serving worldwide. Our private investigators consist of highly skilled, highly trained professional male and female investigators. All of our investigators are specialists who possess the highest training, expertise, ethical standards, and professional backgrounds who have been in the field for over 30 years. We combine the latest state of the art technology and training with old school investigative techniques to ensure accurate and complete results. Wards Investigations is assisted with a youthful generational perspective and creativity who perform cases locally, nationally, and internationally handling numerous, and difficult types of investigations with various scenarios. All casework is specifically designed for the individual case and clients needs. Our client base is diverse, ranging from private citizens, attorneys and companies. .

Our clients, their information, cases, and results remain confidential. We frequently update our clients with status and progress reports throughout the investigation service. All completed cases are documented with reports supplied to the client as well as any materials, video, and photos we obtain. We strive to supply our findings in the most timely and efficient manner. Our goal is to conduct all of our cases with diligence, prudence, and professionalism.

Chief Investigator and Owner: Maghen Ward

Maghen Ward, is a leading expert in the private investigation industry. Maghen's caseload includes everything from surveillance, infidelity/matrimonial, locate/missing person investigations, child custody, criminal cases, to an array of additional investigations. Maghen and her team have uncovered many of cases, leading clients to the truth they have been searching for, supplying our findings in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Maghen began her path to being an investigator at a young age, but it was her own life that gave her the drive to pursue this line of work, even while pursuing a double degree in mathematics and criminal justice. She apprenticed under an highly experienced investigator. 

She’s also currently working on her memoirs of her times as a private eye and the cases she’s solved.


“When in doubt, Find out!”

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