Background Investigations

Background Investigations help find out pertinent and specific information on an individual, company, or organization. Each of our background investigations are individually customized to each clients needs and requests. There are numerous and wide-ranging types of information that can be obtained on an individual via a background check. Examples of the types of information typically requested are criminal history records, employment status, marital status, address and phone, vital statistic verification, education, department of motor vehicle, military, and civil records. We recommend consulting an agency not an online database to find up-to-date information . There are numerous types of background checks Ward’s Investigations offers.

Types of Background Investigations

Some of the background checks we conduct include the following:

Personal Background Check:  In today’s day and age, background checks are becoming a useful tool for individuals. Many people use investigative services to make sure that those closest to them are actually who they say they are. As a high-tech way to screen dates or make sure a neighborhood is safe for your children, background checks can be used to research your friends, family, and acquaintances.

Pre-Marital Investigation:   A premarital investigation can be commenced by the groom or bride, as well as the family on either side of the union. No one wants to think anything bad about their fiance, but the realities of life demonstrate that sometimes people are deceptive about their past history and present marriage motives. It would be a shame to marry someone and then become the victim of fraud or worse, when motives for criminal and unethical behavior can often be discovered in advance during a background check.

Corporate Background Checks:  All applicants must be aware of the background check policy. In addition,if a policy is put in place to check current employees, they must be made aware as well. Creating a background check policy will entail deciding which positions will require background checks and what reports will be run in those checks. Furthermore, creating a background check policy will also dictate what will be acceptable for hiring and what will negate a candidate from being hired.

Financial Background Checks:  There are legal issues and limitations associated with requesting a financial background check on a candidate. However, there are some legitimate reasons why some employers conduct financial background checks on final candidates. In several states, there is recent legislation that limits the use of such information.Employers conduct financial background checks on candidates for a variety of positions but most often for roles in schools, hospitals, financial institutions, airports or the government. The employer wants to minimize any risk associated with hiring a new employee. The concern is that if you hire an employee with a precarious financial history or a large debt, this employee may be more likely than other employees to engage in fraud or embezzlement. Or this employee could be vulnerable to bribery or undue influence by others.

Employee Background Checks:  There are numerous reasons to background check employees. Many employers who believe they could trust the employees they had on staff based on the interview and application were surprised at the results they received when they began running background checks. Unfortunately, quite a few businesses “learn the hard way” when it comes to reasons to background check.

Nanny / Babysitter Background Investigations:  Are you in desperate need of finding the perfect sitter (also known as a babysitter, nanny, mothers helper, Manny, au pair, and doula)? Ward’s Investigations is here to assist you in finding a great match for your family. Unlike other background check sites, we go above and beyond by personally analyzing all data found in a background check, combing through pages upon pages to verify that the information you are given is up to date and accurate. We even offer to check sitters online reviews (if available), social media sites, interview their references (both professional and personal), and can even have our hiring manager sit in person with you while you search for the optimal match. We are able to offer you peace of mind, knowing you found the best babysitter possible, through our checklists, interview process, and customized background check. All sitter background checks include (but are not limited to): name, address, SSN, and date of birth verification; bankruptcies, liens, judgments, properties, corporate affiliations, drivers license information, vehicle information, criminal history, traffic information, motor vehicles registered and accidents, and witness testimony statements from family or neighbors or previous employers.

Tenant Background Checks: Our tenant background investigations are here to make your life simpler. We understand that finding the perfect tenant is a difficult task, and a landlord has very little room for error. Ultimately, the person you allow rent from you will affect the success of your investment. Our customized tenant background checks will help you avoid future headaches, loss of profit, and ultimately, verify the individual you are renting to has the funds needed to pay. In addition to running a full background check, Ward’s Investigations determines an individuals social security, telephone numbers, address history, judgments/liens, bankruptcies, criminal history record, and much more. We go above and beyond to conduct interviews with the tenants former landlords, determine employment status, and determine why they left their previous residence. Before allowing a tenant to live in your home/property, speak to a private investigator.

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