Frequently Asked Questions

Photographs of the subject, license plates, photographs of the vehicles and place of surveillance. We can assist you in determining the right time to start and end. But it is ultimately your decision.

A retainer is an amount of money we ask for prior to any investigation. We require a retainer for any one day or longer case. It is, of course, a refundable retainer meaning – if there is an unused portion of the retainer we return it. We estimate high for our retainers so that the client gets a portion of it back. If we use the whole retainer, we immediately discontinue the case until another retainer is paid in full. We do everything we can to maintain your budget.

No. You can pay us a retainer for as many hours as you would like and you can use it throughout the year.

But be aware that after a free hour consultation, everything will be billed.

No, but we do use their services when they are required

We immediately back off the case and call the client and decide where to go from there.

There is no guarantee with our databases. We keep all the updated Investigative databases but we cannot guarantee that they are 100% accurate. This is when leg work is necessary. Leg work is where we find the accurate results. This includes going out in the field and doing research.

We serve every type of process including Levy’s.

When a problem requires immediate attention and resolution that law enforcement is unable to offer.

Absolutely. You call the shots. If you choose to discontinue, we immediately refund what you have not used up in the retainer.

Absolutely. This comes with the surveillance package and report. It is included in the regular fee. Depending on the circumstance, you may need to request to receive those.

Of Course. Our office is open Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM. Just give us a call and we can schedule you an appointment.

Our investigators use an array of equipment such as binoculars, cameras, spy cameras, watch cameras, recorders, pen cameras, sound amplifiers, button cameras, night vision equipment, tinted windows, specific scanners, etc. We have all the NEW equipment.

Yes you will. There is a professional contract that needs to be signed for any case that requires more than a days worth of work. This contract will sum up the client and Wards Investigations agreement. It will be self explanatory and short in order for the client to fully understand.

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