Additional Services

Ward’s Investigations is a full service investigation agency that is capable of going above and beyond for each client. We offer the following additional services to help our clients find peace of mind:

  • Accident Analysis
  • Asset & Financial Searches
  • Bankruptcy Investigations
  • Civil Matters
  • Construction Investigations
  • Criminology/Gangs
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Employment Investigations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation/Legal Investigations
  • Personal Injury
  • Questionable Documents
  • Record Searching
  • Undercover Operations
  • Civil Matters
  • Hidden Video / Nanny Cams
  • Executive Protection / Bodyguards
  • Laboratory & Forensic Testing, Fingerprints, Handwriting, Audio, DNA
  • Hidden Video:
  • GPS & Vehicle Tracking: Wards Investigations Inc. specializes in complete package solutions for vehicle GPS tracking, tracking devices for your kids, and much more. There is no longer a need to worry about where your most valuable assets are. NAI is here to help you with protecting your children, teen vehicle tracking, elderly adult monitoring, businesses protection assets, and much more.
  • Computer & Internet Investigations: Wondering if your children, employees, or spouse are visiting inappropriate websites, chating with the wrong people, spending too much time on social networking sites, stealing company secrets, goofing around, or much worst? You have the right to know what happens on your computer. Uncover the truth now and learn everything that happens on your computer by speaking to NAI now.
  • Telephone Investigations: Are you receiving harassing calls? Found a number and not sure who it belongs to? For all of your telephone investigation needs, Wards Investigations is here to help.
  • Trademark Counterfeiting Investigations: Our private investigators have extensive experience with solving economic crime cases regarding counterfeit items such as bootleg clothing, movies, records, and cigarettes..
  • Anti-Wiretapping/Debugging (TSCM): Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is a survey conducted to detect and prevent the illegal presence of eavesdropping and surveillance devices and techniques for the purpose of interception of information. They can be electronic devices used to monitor conversations and observation of person or place. Applications of such devices are covert in nature and can be high-tech, making it necessary for a professional technician to inspect and attack the threat. The TSCM inspections can be performed on or at homes, offices, vehicles, and items. The cases can range from corporate espionage to a scorned spouse.
  • Polygraphs/Lie Detection Test: A polygraph is an instrument that records continuously, visually, permanently, and simultaneously, changes in cardiovascular, respiratory, and electro dermal patterns. The test makes a written recording of the changes in your respiration, pulse rate, relative blood pressure, and psycho galvanic skin responses by placing four attachments on your person. Our polygraph instruments are modern and computerized. Certified examiners who have extensive experience administer our tests. The tests can be given at your location for convenience. Our agency handles criminal matters as well as private issues. For additional information please contact the Polygraph division of our agency.

Ashley Peterson

Perry Johnson Anderson Miller & Moskowitz LLP

I work in a law office and we have used Maghen for process serving as well as investigations. We never have to worry that something won’t get done on time. She is always very prompt and responds quickly. Plus, her prices are fair. We plan to use her services for a very long time.

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