Insurance Investigations

Our Insurance Investigations Division is comprised of qualified experts with extensive experience uncovering fraud and investigating these types of cases with tangible results. Our investigators have the ability to solve complex fraud investigations and meet critical objectives. Our primary focus is detecting and preventing fraud. Types of insurance cases handled include:

  • Work History Investigations: Are the claimants alleging they cannot work? Our investigators will disclose any current or previous work history that the claimant or plaintiff may be trying to hide this alternative to surveillance saves both money & time.
  • Sports History Investigations: Whether your injured claimant is playing golf, bowling, or simply going to the gym our investigators will provide you with the evidence you need.
  • Business History Investigations: is your claimant involved in an unreported business venture? Our private investigators will not only find the business and location, but also provide the evidence you need. If its a cash business, our private investigators will show you how to prove how much the business is making.
  • Recorded Statements: If your case does not require a face to face meeting, consider an in-house recorded statement. Our detectives take a detailed recorded statement and provide you with an audio copy. Our investigation firm also follows up with all relevant supporting documentation from the claimant or witness.
  • Additional Investigations include: asset history, neighbor canvass, civil records history, property records history, public records history, criminal records history, widow History, & DMV history.

Timothy Hannan

CA Attorney General candidate in 2010 and Attorney at Law Offices of Tim Hannan

I have known Maghen Ward for about four years. On several occasions I have retained her to serve Summons and Complaint on some very dodgy defendants. Maghen’s persistence and resourcefulness were remarkable, and she was 100% successful. Moreover, her proofs of service were executed perfectly. Whenever I need a good process server, I don’t hesitate to call on Maghen Ward

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